The Evanston Green Living Festival is an annual event that was started to encourage individuals to make meaningful changes to their everyday life that will reduce their personal carbon footprint.

The festival promotes this green lifestyle by providing a venue where local green vendors, exhibitors, and speakers can present to an interested audience.  Featured attractions in the past have included the NU Tiny House, a great selection of all-electric and hybrid autos, exhibits addressing water as a precious resource and the importance of our urban forest, residential wind turbines, solar panel exhibits, I-Go car sharing, PACE Suburban Bus, and more!

Kids have fun at the festival too!  Activities for children are available all day at the festival. Kids' activities at past festivals have included: meet and greet the ecology center animals, explore the wonders of water through mini-experiments, decorate a mini-canoe to take home, enjoy the sounds of Elaine Wagner playing the hammer dulcimer, and riding the Eco-bike to generate electricity.

Delicious food and drinks are available for most of the festival hours. And we encourage attendees to take a free bicycle rickshaw ride through and around the festival area.

The festival is for residents of Evanston and the surrounding communities and we encourage people to come with family and friends to discover exciting new ideas on how to lead a greener life.

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