Exhibitor Info

Exhibitors are businesses, non-profit organizations and school groups who offer products, services, and/or ideas that can help reduce people lower their personal carbon footprint. 

All of the information needed to participate as an exhibitor in the Evanston Green Living Festival is provided below:  

EXHIBITOR FEES (Fully refundable through Friday, September 12):

Early Bird
(6/1 - 7/31)
(8/1 - 9/5)
(9/6 - 9/12)
 Business  $55  $65  $75
 $20  $30  $40
 School  $10  $20  $30

there is an additional $10 fee if you require an electrical outlet.  There are limited outlets available for exhibitors, so please apply early if you need one.


BOOTH LOCATIONS: Booth locations will be provided to exhibitors as they arrive at the Ecology Center.

WHEN TO ARRIVE AT FESTIVAL: All exhibitors, except those who will be displaying in the front driveway of the Ecology Center, should arrive at the Ecology Center between 7:00am and 8:00am on the day of the festival.  Exhibitors who will be exhibiting in the front driveway, should arrive between 8:00am and 8:45am to unload and setup their displays.

UNLOADING: If you have heavy or cumbersome items to unload, pull into the circular driveway in front of the Ecology Center, unload all of your items, and if needed, request that a festival worker help you move your items to your exhibitor booth.  When you have finished unloading and moving your items, park your car in the parking lot across Bridge St. from the Ecology Center - this parking lot is designated for Exhibitors only this year. Otherwise, if your items aren't too heavy or cumbersome, just park in the parking lot across the street, and unload and carry from there. Once the Bridge St. parking lot is full, you can park in the surrounding neighborhoods or at the Haven and Kingsley school parking lots nearby.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BOOTHS AND DISPLAYS: Any special requirements for a booth should be communicated to the festival committee in advance of the festival.  A booth table (8' or 6') and 2 chairs will be provided to each exhibitor.

RAIN ON DAY OF EVENT: The festival will occur rain or shine.  Exhibitor booths will be in tents, under awnings, or in the Ecology Center, so there should be protection from any rain on the day of the festival.

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