The Evanston Green Living Festival provides a unique opportunity for green exhibitors to present their products, services, and organizations to a large audience in a single day. 

Exhibitors must be approved by the festival committee and will primarily consist of green vendors, non-profit organizations, and school clubs.    

The festival is historically been held at the Evanston Ecology Center in the natural surroundings of the Ladd Arboretum in environmentally friendly Evanston. In 2015, the festival will be part of the Streets Alive! event. Attendees will be people searching for green solutions that will help them lower their carbon footprint.  The festival can be a great opportunity for exhibitors to reach an an environmentally-focused audience and make valuable contacts with other exhibitors and presenters at the same time.   

The festival committee encourages reputable green exhibitors to take advantage of the festival's growing popularity by applying early to reserve a booth and offering products, services, and ideas on the day of the festival.

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