In 2007, after attending green festivals organized at the national level, Evanston Environmental Association Board members decided that a local green festival in Evanston would be a great event for the community. 

The Evanston Green Living Festival was begun with a goal of promoting green products and practices that would help local residents reduce their carbon footprint.

The decision to hold the first festival was made just a few months before the event was to be held.  As the festival date approached, there was lots of scrambling as the organizers had to contend with the challenges of holding the event for the first time.  Exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors were secured up to the last minute.  The logistics associated with providing tents, ordering food, creating festival signage, distributing posters, and numerous other tasks was overwhelming. 

But ultimately on October 6, 2007, the Evanston Green Living Festival was born!  This first festival involved the participation of over 40 exhibitors was attended by over 800 people.  

The festival has been presented every year since that first 2007 festival, and has grown dramatically in both exhibitors and attendees.  Each festival has had its own theme ranging from water as a precious resource to the importance of the urban forest.  The festival has become a "must attend" event for local residents who want to explore new ideas and ways to lead more environmentally responsible lives.

The festival committee is working hard to make the 2014 Evanston Green Living Festival a great event with new attractions to keep things fresh. Take an hour or two on a fall Saturday in late September to come visit this year's festival and help us make it the best festival yet!
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