The 2014 Evanston Green Living Festival offered a wide variety of activities to keep kids happy and engaged. We'll try to match or exceed the same level of fun and education with our 2015 offerings. 

Activities included:

- Family canoeing in the Canal starting from
   the Ecology Center's canoe launch
- Bubbles - an activity that allows kids of all
   ages to have fun creating huge, fantastic
   soap bubbles
- Coloring Livability icons to reflect the
   2014 festival theme "Healthy Citizens,
   Healthy Environment" 
- Meeting the Critters, the Center's most
   popular full-time residents
- Making Tree Cookie Crafts that will be sure to work up appetites and exercise creative passions 
- Learning about the mysteries of Owl pellets
- Taking a free family ride in a bicycle rickshaw through the Ladd Arboretum
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