The Evanston Green Living Festival is an annual festival put on to encourage local residents to adopt practices that will reduce their personal carbon footprint.  It is a single event designed to provide lots of information to attendees on green products and practices.

The Internet is another great source for green information.  There are numerous web sites that provide ideas and tips for those looking to further educate themselves on how to reduce their carbon footprint.  We have provided links to these green web sites in the table below.

 Category  Description  Link
Energy Audits Do-it-yourself home energy audit
Illinois Association of Energy Raters
Evanston Environmental Web Sites Citizens' Greener Evanston
  Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) and Evanston Ecology Center 
The Talking Farm
Green Events Earth Hour

  Going Green Matters 
Green Festivals
Other Environmental Web Sites Earth Day Network
  Illinois Solar Energy Association 
Personal Carbon Reduction

A Fresh Squeeze - making it easier for Chicagoans to live greener
  Chasing Green - helping ordinary people lead greener lives. 
  DIY Cleaners You Can Make at Home 
  Electronic Device Recycling with Verizon Click HERE
Energy Savers
Energy Star - Save money and Protect the Environment
Green Living Tips
Ideal Bite - bite sized ideas for light green living
Teens Turning Green  
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