The Evanston Green Living Festival is made possible through the financial and in-kind sponsorship of businesses and organizations.

Sponsors are those businesses and organizations who provide financial support to the festival that directly offsets the costs incurred in presenting the event to the community.

Partners provide their support through in-kind donations of products and services in areas that are critical to making the festival successful, such as printing, promotion, and composting.

All sponsorship dollars and in-kind contributions are used to offset festival costs, with all remaining dollars directed towards the operations and programming of the Evanston Ecology Center.

In return for the support provided, Sponsors and Partners can achieve a high profile at the festival and throughout the Evanston community via the festival's numerous promotional initiatives.

Evanston has a long history of community involvement in environmental causes.  Being a Sponsor or Partner of the Evanston Green Living Festival provides a unique opportunity to be recognized as an organization that supports the efforts of Evanstonians and other festival attendees to reduce their collective impact on the environment and follow best green practices.  Don't miss this one-time-per-year opportunity!     

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