The team that puts on the Evanston Green Living Festival consists of a planning committee of Evanston Environmental Association Board members, Ecology Center and City of Evanston staff, and a group of volunteers who assist with tasks that are critical to the success of the event.

The 2014 festival planning committee members and their roles are provided below:

 Member  Role
Rick Nelson    Festival Co-Chair 
Catherine Hurley 
 Festival Co-Chair
Eleanor Revelle  Coordination of Livability Hub
Karen Hawk   City of Evanston Logistics 
Matt Poole  Ecology Center Logistics 
Karen Taira  Signage and Logistics
Jim La Rochelle   Signage and Refreshments
Beth Cullen   Exhibitors, Sponsors, Site Operations, Administration
Jim Chilsen  Promotion and Social Media
Daniel Deignan  Promotion and Social Media
Noreen Sherwood  Food and Music
Dick Peach   Day of Festival
Gwen Hickey  Exhibitors 
Stefano Jean-Jacques  Exhibitors
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