The team that puts on the Evanston Green Living Festival consists of a planning committee of Evanston Environmental Association Board members, Ecology Center and City of Evanston staff, and a group of volunteers who assist with tasks that are critical to the success of the event.

The 2012 festival planning committee members and their roles are provided below:

 Member  Role
Fred Schneider   Festival Co-Chair - Promotion, Signage, Presenters, Press 
Rick Nelson    Festival Co-Chair - Web, Social Media, Email, Sponsors, 
Claire Alden  Festival Co-Chair - Site Operations, Children Programs, 
 Signage, Volunteers, City Coordination
Catherine Hurley 
 Festival Co-Chair - Presenters, Sponsors, City Coordination,
Karen Taira  Festival Committee Member - Site Operations, Signage
Beth Cullen  Festival Committee Member - Exhibitors, Sponsors, Site 
 Operations, Administration
Jim La Rochelle  Festival Committee Member - Promotion, Food/Refreshments,
Jim Chilsen  Festival Committee Member - Press, Social Media
Dick Peach  Festival Committee Member - Sponsors, Day of Festival
Belinda Lichty Clarke  Festival Committee Member - Social Media
Martha Logan   Festival Committee Member - Web, Graphics 
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