To put on a successful Evanston Green Living Festival, the
planning committee will need the help of volunteers to address numerous important tasks including:

- Assembling Festival Tents
- Assisting in the Food Area (cleaning area and tables)
- Assisting with Festival cleanup
- Assisting with Kids' activities
- Assisting with any special Exhibits
- Assisting with the placement of Festival signage
- Being a Crossing Guard
- Being a Rain Barrel Assistant (Requires Strength)
- Distributing Promotional Materials
- Entertaining a "Green" Audience
- Greeting Attendees
- Guiding Attendees to Exhibitor Booths
- Moving Exhibitors' Presentation Items
- Staffing the Bicycle Parking Areas
- Unloading Exhibitor cars/trucks

You may have ideas on other areas where you think you can be of help to the festival.  Don't hesitate to offer your assistance in such areas. 

If you would like to volunteer to help make this year's festival a great success, click HERE to use our contact form.  You will be contacted shortly afterward regarding your participation in the festival.

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